When was the last time you broke the rules? I mean really broke the rules?

I’m talking about the last time you looked at something and the only thing left to think about it was Fuck.This. I’m going a different way.

Perhaps you’ve never done it.

Perhaps it was when you were a child and you don’t consciously remember doing it.

But you’re here reading this because you’ve at least thought about it.

And you know what? This isn’t a bad thing. It’s usually when we say fuck you to the rules that our visions come to greet us with blinding clarity and we set ourselves on the path to just living.

Living with purpose.

Living with fulfillment.

But it can be a lonely life. And that’s why so many of us choose to live inside the rules. Because we’re programmed to follow the herd.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago it’s what saved our lives. Today. It’s what’s ending most of our lives. Or at least not allowing us to experience them in a way that feels like it means something.

We think that as soon as we grow up we have to stop those things we did as a kid that brought us pure joy and light.

Believing in Santa.

Running naked through an ice cold sprinkler in the summer.

Riding your bike so fast it was like you and the wind were in a playful battle with each other.

Let me tell you something.

Those feelings of pure joy. They’re not reserved for kids.

They’re not something you have to revoke when given your adulthood card.

They’re not something to be silently stolen before returning to long hard days of “shoulds”.

They’re our natural state of being and all have a right to spend as much time in those feelings of bliss as possible.

Paying for my adulthood card with the currency of joy was something I broke the bank on.

I first started following the rules from around aged 14.

Someone told me I couldn’t sing, so I didn’t bother auditioning for the school musical even though I desperately wanted to.

Someone told me performing arts college was too expensive, so when I injured my knee I used that as an excuse to not go. Because who would want a dancer with a busted knee anyway?

Someone told me I was ugly, so I repeatedly dated men who affirmed this for me.

I wound up at University, in a shitty relationship – with clinical depression.

And I stayed this way for 6 years. Until I said fuck.this. I’m doing it a different way.

You bet I broke those rules.

I didn’t go to my graduation ceremony. My degree still lies in the archives of the university, untouched, unused.

I refused to go back and work for someone else. I went self employed.

I said no to a cocktail of chemicals that would “regulate” my moods. I started meditating.

And every time I’ve broken a rule. I’ve moved further and further back to joy and bliss.

I believe that 6 year depression was my soul’s way of trying to get through to me – and I’d become so conditioned, so consumed with following the rules that that was the only way it could do it.

As I listen more and more to my soul and care less and less about how things “should” be done. The more beautiful and prosperous the world becomes.

So I ask you. When was the last time you broke a rule?