First of all, if you have ever been depressed, or are currently experiencing depression; you are loved, you are important, and this is NEVER permanent.

Nothing is permanent, this is not the way it is designed.

All you have to do is throw back the curtains and take in the trees, the flowers and the sky to know that this is absolute truth.

But when you are depressed, it feels as though the design somehow skipped you. The illusion of emptiness grips tighter every day and it is as if there is no escaping.

All you want, all you need is just one person to see what you’re going through. To know that this pain, greater than any physical wound you’ve encountered, isn’t imagined.

You’re both desperate for someone to save you yet you want the world and it’s bichon frise to just fuck, off.

You spend what little energy you have searching for some kind of release, yet you’re robbed of any real motivation to get better.

From the constant internal attack coming from your own mind, by its very nature, we look outside of ourselves.

But that one person who can truly see you and understand your pain, she’s much closer than you think.

She is you. In your pure form.

She is your soul.

And when you realise that you have everything you were ever looking for right inside of you – all you have to do is start listening.

But to do that, you have to break a few rules.

You have to harness that darkness and use it as your leverage to the light.

Because no matter how utterly hopeless it feels right now, it really really is as simple as switching on the light.

And when this hits you, like it hit me, it’s more comforting, more liberating and more life affirming than any counsellor or prescription could ever ever be.

This pain, it’s temporary. It is your wake up call to become a Spiritual Badass.