Time to commit as a spiritual badass

To walk the talk with ultimate sass

For the world as we know it needs to change

The energy and our consciousness to rearrange

Through inner work and outer glow

We can help the planet to regain it’s flow

But inner work is not solely quiet contemplation

Not when we are such a divided nation

Through your own awakening you show up kinder

To each new sole a great reminder

To operate from love and check out from hate

Person by person, before it’s too late

To begin the ripple effect of conscious living

So that in this time and the next we continue giving

You know that which we complain will truly remain

But that which we spread light, can only end this plight.

So own that sass, for yours and everyone’s profit,

It truly is time to come out the spiritual closet

To show up as authentic and unapologetic you,

It’s your responsibility to commit to this, so others can too