Moving from a “want” into a I NOW DESIRE Because wanting will never ever light that fire   It is the ultimate state of lack that will never set you free For the more you want, the more you stop me   My love for you is unconditional Because I AM you, the same force apparitional,     Why do you try to separate us so, I do not judge, my only state is flow   I can not tell you what is right and what is wrong All I do is move and sing my energetic song   So sing with me out loud to the tune of your desire And together we will dance at the heart of your own empire   For “I want” truly does not get, The force inside you can not deliver lack just yet   Or ever, for that matter, in that state The energy of “want” only produces more of your wait   Have faith that it will come to be, And darling, you will co-create with me.