Let’s talk about abundance baby.

Let’s talk about you and me… dropping all our BS and guilt around the term and understanding what it really means.

Living in abundance is such a loaded topic, with so many limiting beliefs attached to it. Some people think it’s not spiritual to live in abundance, some people wonder why they should experience it over someone else.

It’s brings up our shit, basically.

But this is my call to really turn that around. I was in meditation the other day asking if there was anything I hadn’t already planned to share with my Foolproof Manifesting group that they needed to know.

But what came through was bigger than that, it was something everybody needed to know…get ready.

Living in abundance is NECESSARY to all who want to do good in this world.

Embracing abundance in everyday life, is a noble and necessary way of life.

The abundance of time, of ideas, positive relationships, knowledge, finances, comfort, of resources.

What impact would embracing abundance as a way of life have on the people around you and how would that ripple out?

Changing the world doesn’t mean you have to become a Dr or a scientist or the next Oprah. It means looking at how you choose to embrace your daily life, how you choose to manage the energy you put out into the world. And how that ripples out around you.

If you see yourself as a good person, if you see yourself as a selfless person and you dream of leaving the planet in a better state that it was when you arrived, then it’s imperative that you live in abundance.

If you honour yourself, your wishes, and those around you it’s imperative that you redefine what abundance means and live your own example of it for others to choose if it fits them or to inspire them to create their own definition.

Stopping yourself making money because it’s not spiritual or it’s not fair on others or because “only the worst people in the world have lots of money”?

I implore you to challenge and transform that thinking.

Be the example you wish you had had.

Be the example our children deserve.

Know that to live in abundance is truly spiritual because it allows you to release worry, tension, stress and lack.. The things that are REALLY causing the world’s problems.