“Changing your life”.

It’s used to describe a lot of things in our vibey, fast paced, what’s hot right now culture.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times my bestie has told me a gig “changed her life” (although to be fair, she has been to some humdingers.)

The invention of carb free, sugar free wine caused a barrage of “this is gonna change my life” comments online! I’m yet to try this wizardry, but I’m inclined to agree.

When another friend showed me you can actually separate one Pinterest board into different categories, thus creating a beautiful Pinception and MUCH easier frame of reference when you’re frantically trying to explain to your wedding florist what the “blue things are”… THAT changed my life.

Is it simply a turn of phrase? Or does it go deeper?

Because as I’ve observed this phrase being used more and more frequently, I’ve also observed the rise in unhappy, unfulfilled, unmotivated people both in my day to day life and online.

And it’s no coincidence that this has coincided with the rise of products coming to market in order to claim the coveted phrase of “life changing”.

Why do we all constantly think our lives need changing?

Why do we all think there’s something inherently wrong with where are now, experiencing the now, being with what we be?

My point is, life is changing all the time. Change is all there is. It’s all that’s constant.

And my question is. Are you happy?

When you seek these changes, bring consciousness to the why.

Are you doing it to simplify your life, make joy easier to access each and every day as is your birthright. Is the change to put more love out into the world or to bring you to a place of soul fulfillment?

Or are you doing it because you think the next treatment, the next book, the next “life changing whatever” will be the thing to finally make you happy?

Answer that, make those changes consciously, and this will be one of the most empowering things you can ever do for yourself.

This is when you know how to jump into something feet first, knowing that it’s truly going to change your life and in a way that’s going to allow you expand beautifully to your next level of being.