There’s a phrase that gets thrown around frequently.

One that is said with love, support and to, hopefully, empower you.

But I never really got it, in fact for a long time it made me feel even more confused, like there was yet another piece of the puzzle I was missing that meant I wasn’t doing things quite “right”.

The reason I was stuck working with clients who were not aligned with me, doing work in a way that didn’t fulfill me, and planning every public speaking event down to the letter because it just wasn’t what I was supposed to be talking about.

That phrase was “come from a place of service”.

And it’s supposed to make you feel better about sales.


Except when you DO come from a place of service, you feel so much better about EVERYTHING. Yourself, your work, your ideas, your clients, your job, your family, your creativity… it all slots into place.

As it tends to happen with spiritual badassery… none of it makes sense until it makes perfect sense.

So if “come from a place of service” has you feeling all that “wha?” too, allow me to share my epiphany.

When you come from a place of service, you DETACH your SELF from that service.


You remove your earthly, human identity from your service.

In other words, your self worth.

Your self worth has no business being all tied up in your offer.

Your offer stands alone, as a fucking game changing experience that you deserve to be handsomely compensated for…. But it’s not who you are.

You are a deliverer of the Divine. Your gifts and talents are Source working through you.

But they’re not YOU.

The Divine flows via your offer to the people who need to receive it.

But it is not YOU. It’s not your self worth. It’s not your identity and it’s not your validation.

As soon as you detach yourself, your bullshit, your “stuff” from your offer, you are coming from a place of service.

You enter the space of miracles.