How many times a week, a day, even an hour do you respond to something you want with “I’m broke”.

I’ll be honest, this blog is going to be a bit of a smack down for you. But it could also turn your financial situation around in the next 30 days.

Up for a bit of tough love?

If you’re reading this blog, I’m assuming you have the means to access the internet – you are not broke.

If you ate something today – you’re not broke.

If you have somewhere to sleep tonight that isn’t a shop doorway – you’re not broke.

If you have friends and family around – you’re not broke.

If you took a hot shower today – you’re not broke.

If you have clean, running water – you’re not broke.

If you live in a country where women have the freedom to work and do not have to rely on the income of your husband or father – you’re not broke.

You might not be making as much money as you’d like to be making.

You might have to prioritise what you spend money on each month.

But you know the RICHEST thing of all about all of this? You literally have the power to turn it all around in moments…. How?


And get into gratitude.

Your words are creating your reality, all the time.

Your thoughts are creating your reality, all the time.

No matter how much you dream, hope and pray about improving your financial situation, it’s never going to happen if your immediate reaction to anything is that you’re broke, you can’t afford it, or any other type of affirmation that keeps you telling yourself the story of being without.

Affirmations work both ways. Think they’re a load of rubbish invented by the personal development industry? Look at what you’re telling yourself on a daily basis and take a look at your reality…

I’m betting they’re a perfect match.

So the next time you see something you want, here’s 3 things to do instead of saying to yourself or anyone else that you can’t afford it.

  • Say “I can have that, but it’s not a priority right now”.
  • List off 3 things you do have that you’re super grateful for and really feel how abundant you are to have them.
  • Carry that empowered state around with you for the rest of the day.


Rinse and repeat.