You know the drill, you’ve been here countless times.

You’ve just finished listening to your favorite podcast, or reading the hot new self development book.

You’re FIRED UP.

It made it sound so simple, it was OVERFLOWING with success stories.

You can feel it in your bones, it’s only a matter of time before that success is yours.

And whilst that’s true, it is only a matter of time – it’s that focus on the time that could be causing you some major self sabotaging vibes.

With every Instafamous person at every swipe up shouting about their “overnight” success, it’s really dang hard not to set our expectations riding off the perfectly airbrushed high.

So when you wake up a week later NOT a millionaire, you start telling yourself crap like;

Maybe I’m not cut out for this
Maybe I’m not worthy

Now, if you BELIEVE you can become a millionaire in a week to your absolute core, then completely disregard everything I’m saying and go bring in the money honey.

But if you’re running on the fumes of someone else’s belief and story, without really looking at your own, here’s what to do..

Set those big intentions, dream huge goals, don’t ever stop desiring. But instead of putting all your focus on that exact thing happening in one fell swoop and suddenly everything is poolside and tequila – start looking for small pieces of evidence each day that it’s on it’s way.

You have to be ready for the big shit when it arrives. Be honest with yourself, if you woke up tomorrow a millionaire, would you know what to do with it all? Would you be prepared to handle that amount of money suddenly at your disposal?

There’ll be lessons to learn along the way to make sure when you get what you asked for, you’re prepared.

By surrendering to your own timing, and looking for evidence each day that it’s coming, you’re embedding a new belief of what’s possible in your subconscious.

And you enjoy the journey! Because instead of stressing about the huge thing that’s not there yet, all your attention is on the cool shit that IS happening… and you all know where focus goes…

Win win!

Happy manifesting.