How many of us get to the end of the day and think – well that was a royal shit show for which I definitely didn’t buy a ticket?


They happen sometimes, it’s part of this wonderful human experience we’re all sharing. But if they’re becoming a bit too frequent – I want to share this little hack that just might turn everything around for you.


Be honest, are you guilty of hearing the alarm, rolling over, picking up the phone and scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and your emails?


GUILTY – for a lonnnnnng time, I was. Before I’d even said good morning to my fiance who is lying right next to me. But even worse than that, before I’d even said good morning to myself or checked in with my own energy.


Before I go any further, I just wanna say that for anyone out there who’s a Mum, who has huge demands on her time.. I get it. It’s HARD not to completely give yourself to other people the minute you wake up. We’re actually conditioned to believe that it’s selfish not to.


But the really selfish thing is giving yourself to others before you’ve made sure you’re in a space which allows you to give what they NEED.


How easy is it to snap at your loved ones when you’re trying to be everything to everyone and nothing to yourself? Your loved ones deserve you to be at your best.


And just 2 minutes before you get out of bed can achieve that.


It can also help you feel happier, healthier and start manifesting some real kickass shizz.


Step One: PUT DOWN THE PHONE. If that means investing in an actual, old school alarm clock and removing your phone from your bedroom all together, do it. Your sleep quality will thank you.


Step Two: Take 30 seconds in the morning to tell yourself some really loving, supportive, empowering affirmations…


I am worthy

I am deserving

I am a freakin’ badass who’s living the dream.


Insert your own.


Step Three: Feel into 3 things your so unbelievably grateful for. Don’t just list them out, really feel what it’s like to have them and how different your life would be if you didn’t.


Step Four: Forgive yourself or anyone else for the version they were yesterday. Yesterday’s gone. It has no business all up in today.


Step Five: Notice how amazing you feel and go slay the day!


Such tiny shifts add up to a massive one energetically.


Before you know it, you’ll have a whole new happy reality!!