Controversial post alert! I want to talk about something that’s soooo rife in the personal development industry which is doing NOTHING for your personal development.

The good old rags to riches story.

You know the one. Lose a lot of money. Learn a load of lessons. Make a shit tonne of money and fame.

To be clear, I am in no way discounting or dishonouring this story. It’s the truth of the people who have it and that will always be beautiful and authentic.

I want to talk about the misalignment that can happen on it’s way from their truth to your mindset.

I want to talk about the way in which you can internalise the story of those you admire and end up doing a lot of damage to your self belief & discovery of your own success.

As I look back over my own personal, spiritual and abundance development journey, I consider the people I’ve looked up to over the years – I realise the majority of them share this story in some way.

They can all place themselves on the rags to riches scale. Every single one of them shares their rock bottom, the breakthrough they had whilst at rock bottom and how that was the catalyst for them creating huge huge success in their life.

Sounds inspiring right? And it is. I admire those people and always will. I’m included in those people, in my own spot on the scale.

But here’s where it goes wrong.

Your subconscious mind takes EVERYTHING at face value. It never stops thinking like a child and it has NO FILTER for context.

So whilst you’re listening to these stories, absorbing their wisdom… yes, in your conscious mind, you’re likely picking up incredible habit patterns and behaviours that contribute to success.

But here’s what your subconscious is hearing…

“Oh, so I need to be at total rock bottom before I can be successful, ok, how would you like me to make that happen”.

 And because your subconscious is always saying yes, we run into our old friend self sabotage.

Stories are vital. Stories are service. Stories are our biggest teachers. But you MUST rely on your own story. Never internalise someone else’s and create a belief that it has to happen for you the same way it happened for them.

Don’t ever affirm a detrimental belief when your story doesn’t match up with someone you see as inspiring.

They are where they are because they OWNED a story that was personal and true to them.

You can do the same by owning your own story. And it doesn’t need to include rags to riches for people to listen.