Sweet release. 

My blood came yesterday after a 38 day cycle and following 13 days of painful PMS, both physically and emotionally. 

As I sink into the release, the deep exhale, I reflect on what this endurance was there to teach me. 


The more you want something to come, the more painful the wait. The more turbulent the journey and the less you appreciate the beauty in what it takes to get there. 

A lack of patience is a lack of alignment and is void. 

A lack of patience is a lack of trust and displays nothing but a need to control your external environment in order to serve a timeline and an agenda set in the ego mind. A timeline that doesn’t understand the enormity and the interconnectedness of all that is. 

When you have patience, you also have surrender, you also have trust. 

They can not exist exclusively. 

When you have patience, you have certainty. Just like your blood, just like the leaves on the trees, just like the day into the night – it may not happen just at the time you think it should happen, but it ALWAYS happens. 

I’m inviting myself now to practice patience across all areas of my life. There’s no need to rush, the need for it to happen immediately comes from void energy and is pushing what you want further away. 

Patience brings you to a place where you’re totally ok with it not happening, but also completely certain that it will. 

Everything is cyclic and polarity is part of the experience. 

It’s in this place of inspired “giving up” that the flood gates open. 

What flow could you open up with a little more patience? 

What’s happening right now for you to learn from?