You know your mission. You’ve chosen to accept it.

But speaking it loud and proud to the world? To the people who need it?


You see clearly your message in your meditations. You say it to yourself in the mirror. Your journal is filled with the good stuff.

But when the red “live” button flashes, it all catches in your throat.

You stare back at your reflection in your Instagram stories with blank fear coursing through your veins.

This isn’t how it felt in the bathroom mirror.

And offering your services, your gifts, your life changing methods in exchange for money??

Forget it!

A quick scroll through everyone else making a huge success of their spiritual business and you’re ready to shut down social media and crawl back into bed with another personal development book.

Perhaps it’ll contain a new practice that’ll help you finally get to the bottom of why you’re procrastinating so hard.

Perhaps it’ll contain THE step by step approach that’ll finally show you how to create success.

To bring your bone deep desire of delivering your talents into the world to fruition.

Girl, you DON’T need yet another cookie cutter step by step guide. Put down the “business in a box” and step away slowly.

In fact, turn right around and RUN FOREST RUN. Never look back.

Because when you turn around and go inwards you’ll finally find what you’re looking for.

You finally understand that you get to BE both.

Spiritually rich and financially rich.

That you get to DO both – your business can be spiritual and hugely successful.

That you get to HAVE both – a booming spiritual business and the freedom to live life in a way that you define as fulfilled.

That you don’t need to find a new, original way to say it, you just need to find YOUR way.

You’ve done the soul searching.

You’re over the BS excuses.

You don’t want to let fear control you anymore.

You’ve seen the kind of impact you know you can have on the world and you’re committed to raising consciousness with your gifts.

You’re ready to RISE.

“I’ve know and worked with Mia the past year and a half. She is one of the most wise, kindest, and giving souls that I know. She has helped guide me in developing my business but also challenged me to become a better version of me.

I’ve always been able to count on her during difficult times and she is always so quick to be of assistance. Since Mia is so aware and in tune with her intuition, she has been able to coach me on every topic, on every level. She is an amazing coach because she knows when to push you to your limit, knows how far you can go, is bold/not afraid to tell you the truth but also empathetic and always has the exact words to help you heal and move forward.

There are a lot of coaches out there but only a few that know how to truly coach and Mia is one of those few. Do not hesitate to work with this woman you will not regret it.”


Performance Life Coach

You’re ready to do whatever it takes to make these final shifts and step into your true voice, your true power, your true ability.

You’re ready to make it happen with my 3 month RISE Mentorship.

Three month’s on 1-1 coaching, support, accountability and holding you in your power to liberate your true voice and RISE to inner freedom and abundant fulfillment.

Three months of ALL IN spiritual empowerment, money mindset and just about anything you need to become the version of you that’s written in the pages of your journal, screaming to get out of your meditations.

Your Higher Self.

Connect to her, love her, unleash her.

Get her off the page and into the world.

She can help so many with her story.

RISE Mentorship: 


🌕 60 minute deep dive session.

🌕 6x 60 minute coaching sessions.

🌕 Unlimited text and voice note support.

🌕 Access to relevant materials.

Total value £16,250 worth of coaching!


🌕 Free lifetime access to my manifesting masterclass. 

Value £197.

🌕 4 months free access to The Foolproof Manifesting System.

Value £597.


🌕 Lifetime access to your coaching call recordings.

🌕 The Money Mindset Breakthrough Method®

Value £297. 

Combined Value of £17,261!!

Your Investment in the RISE Mentorship:


“Mia is a gem to work with.

She’s professional, high vibrational, loving and always knows what to say.

Her energy is infectious and holds so much wisdom. She helped my soul and business grow exponentially. She has a true gift.

Thank you Mia for the energy you bring into this world and for the blessings you’ve brought me.”


Divine Intuitive Healer